Building the next generation of responsible, customer-oriented businesses.

Our Vision

To be a formidable platform that drives success for SME, and act as a ladder propelling them to greatness

Our Mission

We are a private equity firm focused on SMEs. We strive to create exceptional value for partners, investors and stakeholders. Our goal is to build the next generation of digitally conscious, customer oriented and socially responsible businesses, while generating exceptional returns on our investments

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What We Do

Using our proprietary platform, we search for exceptional businesses with good returns and great potential

We challenge management and entrepreneurs to reach their full potentials

We provide financial, technical and human Capital

We provide solution to complex business problems

Execute!! Execute!! Execute!!!

On exit, we generate exceptional returns on investment


In Nigeria, there is an endless supply of business owners but a limited supply of investors. The result of this is a large number of poorly structured businesses as entrepreneurs are not well equipped with resources to operate at a favorable standard. Pristin Capital is driven by this factor and was birthed for the purpose of providing financial, human and technical resources to business owners. We hope to create a balance between the number of investors and business owners

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