One major impact of the recent pandemic is a change in our work process. Most jobs are shifting from the normal 9-5 office hours to working remotely. Though working from home is fast becoming the new norm, it can be quite a hassle to be productive while at it.
To avoid an endless loop of unproductivity, it is essential to take some steps which ensure that work gets done.
Firstly, remote workers need to ensure that certain boxes are checked, and the requirements are made available for a less bumpy sail to achieving productivity.
Factors such as your workspace go a long way in contributing to your level of productivity. Having a convenient workspace with basic facilities for work can help improve the quality of your work. Such facilities include great internet connectivity, proper lightings, a work desk, and an ergonomically designed chair, and so on.
According to research, it was found out that people tend to work better in a comfortable environment with an office feel. Ergo, as a remote worker, you need to ensure that your workspace has these basic facilities mentioned above to achieve quality work.
If you struggle with your sleeping habit, it is advisable to avoid having your workspace in your bedroom. Restrict personal and casual meetings in the office space to maintain boundaries.
Writing a to-do list can also greatly improve your level of productivity especially while working remotely. Itemizing your tasks in order of importance and urgency can help eliminate procrastination and pointless multitasking.
To ensure productivity, it is also important to set SMART goals i.e. goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. You can never score a goal without a goal post.

Using time management tools to organize and monitor tasks can also go a long way in ensuring productivity. Making use of the time blocking method can help you achieve this.
We are in a digital age where it seems harder trying to avoid distractions than trying to accomplish actual work. We are so engrossed in our screens, distracted by the thrills of social media that we forget to do what is important.
Try drawing up a work-life calendar to monitor your activities and ensure that you are not trapped in an endless work cycle while your personal life suffers. Thus, a balanced life is a productive one.
Do not forget to take breaks, refresh, and continue. Being productive does not always mean more work. Learn to work smarter, not harder.

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