It’s the 21st century, technology is changing, brands are changing, everything is getting expensive, work culture is changing and the real estate prices are increasing too. With this, the emergence of co-working space has led to some great trends in the work culture. There are so many start-ups coming up every day. Nigeria Especially is one of the places where there has been the highest growth of start-ups.

Affording a workplace is not easy. Particularly, in cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt, Uyo and Abuja which are known for start-ups are the most expensive places for real estate. But, with the emergence of co-working space, it has become easier and affordable. It’s like helping each other grow. People choose co-working because of space, lower rentals, savings on operational costs and a more flexible work environment. A company gets everything ready from office furniture to WIFI. They don’t have to struggle around fixing everything.

Work Culture is no more restricted to the 9 to 6 working time with a laptop, chair, and a table. It’s more than that. Today it’s more about comfort. From Beanbags to gaming zones everything is present to increase the productivity of the employees by giving them some freedom and comfort. Today, not every small company can give these facilities. Therefore, they choose co-working spaces which are facilitated with everything at a lesser cost. This is an advantage of co-working spaces.

Especially for start-ups, this is the best option. You get to meet other brands and companies. You learn from each other and grow together at a lesser cost than usual. Not just start-ups but individuals and free-lancers get a chance to work in a fully equipped office without worrying about the costs of setting up an actual office. The spaces now are luxurious, have fun zones and are well equipped. A full package for your ambitious start-up.

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