It is imperative for any successful organization to have an effective communication strategy. A lack of proper communication within an organization can lead to a lot of adverse impact on the work environment. With poor communication, businesses run the risk of incorrect information being circulated throughout the company causing disharmony and bad business decisions. Ineffective communication or uneven dispersal of information can make employees feel left out, especially if the management fails to communicate key information.

Therefore, having a good communication strategy should be at the core of every business as this allows a smooth flow of information across all levels in a hierarchy. You might wonder, ‘how do I create an effective communication strategy?’.  Well, to create a communication strategy, here are some effective steps you could take.

  • Identify and understand challenges: factors that can cause communication challenges within an organization include company size, resources, and cultural differences. Another challenge might be the number of emails employees receive in a day, causing them to miss out on important organization information. Being able to identify these challenges enables you to create an effective strategy to tackle these problems.
  • Understand employees: the communication strategy should be built around employee personas, just like you would do for customers. This will allow you to categorize employees based on their ease of access and preferred mode of communication. Remember, happy employees, relate better to customers.
  • Set Targets: Goals are instrumental in the effectiveness and success of a communication strategy. When developing a communication strategy, ensure that you set SMART goals i.e. your goals need to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timebound.
  • Take advantage of digitalization: Digitalization is taking over today’s businesses which means that information is easily accessible through hand-held devices. Hence, mobile communications are becoming increasingly popular and are often the preferred mode of communication. Using a mobile app to communicate important information can be a great way to keep employees informed.

An effective communication strategy is very important for every organization to have as this strategy ensures the proper flow of information between employees which leads to better business performance.  Create a communication strategy for your organization today.

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