The Pristin Capital Hub

  The Pristin Capital HubIn this era, creativity is an attribute that is highly promoted in the workplace. It has become essential for employers to create a creative-friendly work environment for employees. This is because an employee’s productivity level is directly related to the conduciveness of workplace.The Pristin Capital Hub is a highly creative work

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Context Matters

Context matters. If in February, I woke up on a Monday afternoon by 1 p.m. to begin my day, you would judge me. It’s May 2020, I woke up at 1 pm and you will not judge me, because, context matters. The context is Corona, a virus that has caused a lockdown in more than

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The Financial Rat Race

What was the first thing you thought about the last time you got a raise? Was it to increase your savings, or to increase investment or to satisfy an immediate want or need? If we’re being honest, we’ll see that a lot of people think about satisfying their immediate needs and wants first when they

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It is imperative for any successful organization to have an effective communication strategy. A lack of proper communication within an organization can lead to a lot of adverse impact on the work environment. With poor communication, businesses run the risk of incorrect information being circulated throughout the company causing disharmony and bad business decisions. Ineffective


Profit Vs Value

Which should a start-up focus on in its early stages? Have you ever started a business or thought of starting one? If so, then you know that making a profit initially might pose itself as the most difficult thing ever. A lot of business owners who are only profit-driven end up giving up on their

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Nothing Personal

In my opinion, the phrase ¨Its business not personal¨ is one of the many gibberish terms widely used in the business world. I could back this stance up with a thousand reasons but for the sake of this article, I would only cite a few. Let me start by posing a question, have you ever

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